Mr. Sizzles Delivers.

A few times a month, I go down to my leasing office to pick up a package and I end up staying a lot longer than I should. I’m usually dishing about all the new food spots in town with all the ladies. We give each other recommendations and definitely make sure we’re updated on anything new opening up. A few months ago, I heard that someone they knew was opening up a new food truck. I am all about food trucks and after hearing words like “stuffed burgers”, I was definitely all about this one.

Mr. Sizzles opened up a few weeks ago and hangs out at 5th Amendment, The Owl and Little Woodrows (Midtown) to name a few. I had the awesome fortune to try them without having to leave the comfort of my own home. They were part of a small event hosted by my complex and I walked down a flight of stairs to get my food. It was perfect. So this truck is all sorts of cool too. The bus has got a bunch of images on it, kind of like a spacey/science-y/mad scientist alien thing theme. I’m not entirely sure. There’s a scrolling LED around the top of the bus which is totally cool.

Their menu consists of burgers and fries. You can get a plain burger or cheeseburger. OR you can step up your game and get something STUFFED. How wonderful. An awesome burger stuffed with more awesome things. You’re going to hear the word awesome a lot.

I got the United We Sizzle which is a bacon and cheddar stuffed burger topped with a fried egg, jalapeno, mustard, mayo, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes and pickles. I also got an order of fries. The fries were nothing to write home about. They were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I wasn’t entirely keen on the fries but honestly, fries don’t really matter when there’s a delicious burger next to them.

Now, the burger. First, I’d like to comment on the bun. The bun was DELICIOUS. It reminded me of Hawaiian bread in the way that they’re both sweet breads. The sweetness definitely added an element to the sandwich. Next up, the fried egg. It erupted on my first bite and soaked through every inch of my sandwich (and all over my hands). Carry some hand wipes or be near a sink for this one, guys. After I was done, it was like I had been eating Indian food that night. Worth it. The jalapeños added just the right amount of spice. I’ve never been a fan of them on my burgers but these fit in with the overall taste perfectly.

A description of the actual patty deserves a post of it’s own. So this patty was perfectly grilled. I can’t even imagine how they got the meat to be so savory. In the beginning, I had forgotten that I had gotten a stuffed burger so when I discovered bacon INSIDE THE PATTY, I was so excited. The flavors of the patty blended together in a beautiful char-grilled symphony of beef, cheddar and bacon.

All of this, topped with the usual fixings made for a wonderful burger experience. From the first bite and to the last, every taste was an explosion of fiery, bacon-y flavor. You really need to taste it to believe it. So track Mr. Sizzles down on Twitter and go have yourself a bite. You will not regret it.



Your lady monster,

Priya Venkatarajan

-The Monster Lifestyle-



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