The Color Run Dinner at Latin Bites

“The Happiest 5K on the Planet!” Yes, that is the slogan of The Color Run. The Color Run is an exciting 5K race that is not focused on speed and time, but rather fun with family and friends… WITH LOTS OF COLOR!!

Chevrolet has teamed up with The Color Run and it’s new car, the Spark, is the official vehicle!! We had the absolute pleasure of attending a dinner, with many of Houston’s amazing bloggers, at Latin Bites to kickoff The Color Run and learn more about the Spark.

The Chevy Spark is the newest model from the Chevy lineup and it debuts as a super cool “mini” car. With vibrant colors such as jalapeno, lemonade, and silver ice there’s sure to be a car for any taste…not to mention, it makes the Spark the perfect car for The Color Run.

Latin Bites was really a great hosts for this event. The weather was nice, the atmosphere was fun, and everyone was colorful! All in attendance were encouraged to wear colorful clothing and bring a playlist of fun party songs (I tried to dress accordingly, hopefully I passed the test). To match our colorful attire, bright cocktails were passed before dinner and there was a Chevy Spark parked on the outside patio!! [we all thought that was really neat]…

It was nice to be able to talk to some of the key people behind the event of the night. Craig Eppling, Lamar Sanders, Tara Kuhnen, and the team from The Color Run made sure that we had ALL of the info we could possibly need about the run and the new spark. I was particularly impressed with the time and effort they all put into the dinner, making sure that each element was in place. The group was diverse and the meal was very fitting with the theme.

For dinner we had tuna tiradito, duck confit, veal osso bucco, and a mango/chirimoya/white chocolate terrine. Geez, I’m not even sure where to start because each dish left you longing for the next. The tuna was very fresh and light, and the passion fruitĀ  granita added a nice refreshing element to the dish. I have a very special love affair with duck, so I was ALL over this confit. Usually I’m not a huge fan of cilantro but with the duck it worked in the rice; possibly because it was not overpowering. Even though I love all things duck, for me the winning dish of the night was the veal osso bucco. Served with Peruvian mashed purple potatoes and Peruvian asparagus, this was literally a party in my mouth. The veal was perfectly tender and the sauce was topnotch, to say the least (if I had some bread, I would have been sopping up the sauce from my plate). Anyways, I digress. The purple potatoes played well into the theme of being colorful. Mango happens to be my favorite fruit and white chocolate is my preference so I thoroughly enjoyed this dessert. Quite light and not too sweet, I’d order it again but probably during the summer time.

I enjoyed chatting with the other bloggers in attendance and meeting new faces. I hope to see you all again at future events and it was great meeting you! Thank you to Latin Bites, The Color Run, Chevy, and the MSL Group for inviting us out to such a fun night.

You can visit the other bloggers site’s below:

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