Hospitality Industry in Houston has Huge Economic Impact

Last week we had the opportunity to attend a luncheon held by the Greater Houston Restaurant Assocation (GHRA) to announce the findings of a recently conducted study. The study, conduced by Ernst & Young, highlighted the huge impact that the hospitality industry has on the Greater Houston economy. Comprised of restaurants, hotels, and drinking establishments it is more than fair to say that the hospitality industry is a major player in the Houston economy. This information is especially exciting news because the GHRA is celebrating 75 years of serving the Houston community. Hudson Riehle and Caroline Sallee presented the findings of the study to the crowd. Below you will find a few statistics that the study revealed. (information provided by the GHRA):

  • Hotels and restaurants in Harris County directly employed more than 162,000 workers in 2011 and had $7.9 billion in sales during the year. People working as hospitality employees comprised 9% of Harris County’s total private sector employment.
  • The hospitality industry made a combined tax contribution, taxes paid and remitted, of $1.5 billion in 2011.
  • Indirect and induced economic activity related to hotels and restaurants supported and additional 41,800 jobs and $5.3 billion in sales.
  • Indirect and induced economic activity related to the hospitality industry in Harris County contributed $156 million in additional state and local taxes.

Whether as patrons, owners, employers, or product providers we all play a vital role in helping the hospitality industry flourish. We should all applaud and appreciate the hard-work of those in the hospitality industry, as they surely deserve it. Their dedication and commitment to excellence is clearly evident in the strong numbers that the study yielded and the amazing contribution that the hospitality industry makes to the Houston economy and community.

We would like to thank Pierpont Communications and the GHRA for inviting us to the luncheon.

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