Personal Style Profile: Ira Green

We will be doing a new feature here in our fashion section called “Personal Style Profile.” Each month the profile will highlight/feature a different person (or people) that we feel has a great sense of personal style. “Style” itself is quite relative and differs with each individual; that’s what makes it PERSONAL. As Karl-Edwin Guerre states, “style goes beyond fashion.”

Our first Personal Style Profile is Ira Green. Ira is 21 years old and definitely has his own sense of personal style. If asked how he would describe his style, he would just say “his style is his own and he wears what looks good on him.” For our shoot Ira wore a Zara jacket, J.Crew shirt, Levi Commute jeans, Sperry’s, and a Ralph Lauren tie. Ira is always dressed “cool” but fitting for the occasion. Ira buys his clothes in the Galleria and online. He likes online retailers Asos and Need Supply Co. He has a passion for cars and clothes. Ira says he, “has a great sense of humor, loves meeting new people, likes movies and music, and is super cool!” Who wouldn’t want to hang out with someone like that? Well, being that Ira and I are actually friends I can attest to the fact that he’s a cool dude and you’ll definitely have a crazy fun time hanging out with him.

A little change of color is always good.

Much appreciation to Ira for letting us profile his personal style and Lynne Gabriel and her mom for taking the pictures. To catch up with Ira and his fancy life, you can follow him on Twitter here!

What do you think of Ira’s personal style? Check back soon for our next style profile, maybe one day we’ll feature YOU!

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