Don’t Believe Me, Just Watch…

With this post we are introducing you to a new writer for The Monster Lifestyle, Adrion B. He’s always steps ahead of what’s happening and now he’ll be sharing some of that knowledge with YOU. In this post he’ll be sharing his thoughts on some dope watches. Check it out below!…

Uniform Wares feels like high fashion, minimalist luxe, and instant vintage all at a price point that doesn’t make you feel dirty and disgusting after the deeds have been done.  Uniform Wares as a brand, was established in 2009 by two pretty cool blokes from London, England.  For a fairly new brand, this watch feels classic.  Already!  This is the official new watch alert.  Don’t believe me just WATCH!

So, what do you think about Uniform Wares?

For more information on Uniform Wares, visit their site here and follow them on Twitter here.


Adrion B.

-The Monster Lifestyle-

Thanks to Adrion B. for putting us on to Uniform Wares. We look forward to more updates from you! For a glimpse inside the life of Adrion B, you can follow him on Instagram here.

*image credit to Uniform Wares*

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