Mallzee-Making Shopping Social

Have you ever been online shopping and wished that you could have all of your favorite brands in one spot? If you have, Mallzee may be your answer!

Mallzee is a site (soon to launch) that makes shopping both social and convenient. The concept behind Mallzee is actually quite simple. By selecting your favorite brands and stores, Mallzee will find products that best fits your personality and style; showcasing it in your personal Mallzee. How convenient is that?! Now that you have all of your “faves” conveniently located in one place, what would make the experience even better?? The ability to share your Mallzee and interact socially with others.

Perhaps you want to get your friend’s input on a particular outfit. Mallzee is integrated with Facebook so sharing is simple! You have the ability to chat, create polls, and even browse your friend’s boutiques. With brands like Urban Outfitters, New Look, and Feel Unique you are sure to have a great time shopping via Mallzee!

Did we mention that you can also get paid to shop? That’s everyone’s dream, right? Well, with Mallzee you get paid when you and your friends shop from your own personal Mallzee. The money that you earn can be used for more shopping (of course) or donated to a charity. That’s even more of an incentive to join.

Well, what are you waiting for? Visit Mallzee now to signup for your own prelaunch invite! Have fun shopping, sharing, and earning with Mallzee. We sure will!

-The Monster Lifestyle-


*video credit to Mallzee*


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