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Hey everyone! So, if you remember, in this post here we mentioned that we had some exciting things happening this year. Well, it’s time that we share one of them with you… Are you ready for this awesome news?

We are excited to share with everyone that we will be featured in issue 8 of Zan Magazine!¬†Wait, there’s more… not only are we featured in issue 8, we will also be monthly contributors to the magazine! How cool is that?

Zan Magazine “is a magazine dedicated to modern Iranian American women.” While Zan may be dedicated to the modern Iranian American woman, they celebrate the diverse and multi-cultural world that we live in.¬† We feel that the approach and direction of Zan is in line with what we are striving for, and we are very excited for this opportunity.

We know that from the moment you pick up Zan you’ll want to read more. The covers are well thought out and eye catching. The content is top quality and appealing to all, regardless of your background. Be sure to get your issue of Zan by visiting their website, and we can’t wait to share the upcoming feature with you.

We look forward to continued growth and are looking forward to this new avenue to share what we love with others!

You can follow Zan Magazine on Twitter here.

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