About the Monsters

Thanks for checking out our website! Our names are Dominique and Priya; we are just two college students and friends that love to eat. We came up with the idea to do a blog one day while we were grabbing a bite to eat after class. Whenever we wanted to hang out, it always revolved around food. So, we thought “Why not share this with other people?” We love what the Houston food scene has to offer . While our focus is on what is happening in Houston, we will also cover points of interest from other cities as well. Food has the ability to unite and bring people together; it is a great bridge to meeting new people. We hope to offer informative, fun, and interesting opinions that anyone can relate to. We will check out the smallest hole-in-the-wall to some of the top fine dining restaurants in the city and share them all with you.

Join us on our adventures through Houston as we seek out great places to eat, relax, grab a drink, or take a date. If you have suggestions on places we should go, please feel free to email us; you can even join us for a meal. Once again, thank you for checking out our site and we hope you enjoy.


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