Best Hiking Sandals for Men

Hiking is a great activity. It is the time to relax your body and mind while enjoying beautiful scenery. The most interesting is that you can keep your body healthy. Before doing this healthy activity, you should prepare protection items. One of them is hiking sandal.

There are hundreds of hiking sandals available and it takes time to get the best hiking sandals. To make it easier, you can just check the list of best hiking sandals below. It is classified as best hiking sandals because they are made of high quality material. The high quality material makes the hiking sandal durable and comfortable to wear. Definitely, they are protecting your foot especially if you have to walk around hard or sharp terrains. Some users love to see the model of the hiking sandal. You don’t need to worry because as the best hiking sandals, those products are designed with stylish model.

Some of them are offered in more than one design so you can choose the best one to wear for your next hiking activity. They are a great product along with affordable price. As the result, you are about to wear comfortable, durable, and safety hiking sandals so you can walk longer than you are hiking sandals images

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KEEN Men’s Hiking Sandal

Don’t let your hiking without wearing KEEN hiking sandal for men. The design is perfect along with textile or synthetic material. The interesting part of this hiking sandal is on its detail including the lining. It makes the sandal has not only interesting detail but also strong to wear in any kind of hard terrains. Just imagine that you are able to choose one of 23 models.KEEN Men’s Hiking Sandal

The key features of KEEN men’s hiking sandal

  1. The high quality textile or synthetic creates durable product.
  2. The variation of design and size gives more interesting option.

Pros and cons of KEEN men’s hiking sandal

Pros: Cons:
– Hybrid design works well to walk around any kind of hard terrains. – It seems that the sandal produces strong odor but it is gone after you washing it.
– The waterproof is great for hiking around your favorite beaches.

KEEN Men’s Arroyo II Hiking Sandal

KEEN is the expert of producing best hiking sandals. One of them is KEEN men’s Arroyo II. It is different on the material in which this hiking sandal is made of high quality leather. To make it perfect, it is supported by rubber sole. The interesting part is on the design in which you can wear sporty-looked like sandal. Just like the other hiking sandals from KEEN, Arroyo II is also designed along with perfect lining detail.KEEN Men’s Arroyo II Hiking Sandal

The key features of KEEN men’s Arroyo II hiking sandal

  1. The high quality leather or fabric makes this product durable and comfortable.
  2. The hydrophobic lining creates stylish but safety as well.

Pros and cons of KEEN men’s Arroyo II hiking sandal

Pros: Cons:
– It is more than just a hiking sandal. – It seems the manufacturer has to consider about the ties.
– Perfect for summer hiking.

Teva Hiking Sandal

The best part of this hiking sandal is that you are about to wear close toe hiking sandal. The close toe design is perfectly protecting your feet from dangerous material which can harm you. This sandal is also protected with several features to keep the sandal stick on your foot while walking. The material is high quality so you will have a strong and safe hiking sandal to wear.Teva Hiking Sandal

The key features of Teva hiking sandal

  1. The features such as lacing system, buckle, and heel strap keep this sandal stick on your foot.
  2. Integrated toe protection makes this product perfect for any kind of terrains.

Pros and cons of Teva hiking sandal

Pros: Cons:
– One of best hiking sandals for small ankle users. – It is designed for hiking only and not for running.
– It is solid enough for various types of hiking areas.

Chaco Men’s Hiking Sandal

Do you want to find extra simple hiking sandal? If it is so, just take Chaco men’s hiking sandal along with you. It is supported by high quality textile material and you don’t need to deal with complicated features. Just wear and you are ready for hiking. Due to the simple design, it is still a stable hiking sandal to wear. There are more options to choose in which there are 13 models you can wear.Chaco Men’s Hiking Sandal

The key features of Chaco men’s hiking sandal

  1. The toe straps give extra stability while wearing it.
  2. The simple design is great for casual events or hiking in easy to pass areas.

Pros and cons of Chaco men’s hiking sandal

Pros: Cons:
– The features protect your foot perfectly. – It seems the design is too narrow.
– Lightweight and easy to clean hiking sandal.

Vibram Fivefingers Spyridon Hiking Sandal

If you want to find a multifunction hiking sandal, you can take Vibram as one of your best hiking sandals. It is not only good for hiking but also for running. The close toe design makes this product easy to wear and perfect for various sport outdoor activities including running. It looks like a shoe and the five fingers design looks eye catching. The color combination is also perfect if you want to find stylish hiking sandal.Vibram Fivefingers Spyridon Hiking Sandal

The key features of Vibram hiking sandal

  1. The rubber sole is great in the form of grip, traction, and protection for various sport activities.
  2. Coconut active carbon upper makes it lightweight and barefoot experience.

Pros and cons of Vibram hiking sandal

Pros: Cons:
– The spyridon sole is perfect for running shoe. – The lace is too short.
– It is extremely lightweight for comfortable hiking sandal.

Conclusionbest hiking sandals ideas

I love hiking and I always doing it if I have a time. Because of that, I need a durable and easy to wear hiking sandal. Moreover, this sandal can also protect my foot from injuries. From the reference of best hiking sandals above, I think I want to buy Vibram hiking sandal.

I love the design and it can also be used for running shoe. The five finger design makes this hiking sandal unique to wear. Which one of the best hiking sandals you want to wear for your next hiking? Whatever your option, just make sure that it is the best one for you.


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