The 3 Best Mens Watches Under 1000 Dollars

There is special point when in every people life’s; they want to get the things than can last forever. The first major that most of men’s who very care with the style will decent to get the good watch, more realistic that the well made of the watch can clear the statements about your taste, your style, your approach, and your values in your general life.

Nowadays, the appreciations of being the time keeping is the sign for the man of means. It is not about need, but this is about your want. Basically, you can see the time anytime through your closer device, such as: PC or Smartphone that often you checked as well. This is about the men prestige that you will show. This review may be very helpful for your men guide to hand up with you gadget to get into something that will more substantial.

The 3 best mens watches under 1000 may be will very reliable for your. Forgetting about the cheap fashion watch with the bands. This is something good for your watch that becomes worth something as well. The good watch will brings you to the good prestige as well. The 3 best mens watches under 1000 will help you to choose the suit watch for your best style. The watch also shows you becomes the mature adults or being the mainly man that show the cool side of you.

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best mens watches under 1000 ideas

Braun Men’s BN0095BKSLBTG Prestige Chronograph Analog Display Swiss Quartz Silver Watch.

This watch has the diameter x D11 for the thick cases. This product also available in the stainless steel frame or black plated stainless steel. These 2 versions come with good combinations from the stainless steel bracelet or rubber bracelet. The one piece construction also will give you best style for your watch. The Swiss movement had been covered up and sailed with the sapphire crystal. The Braun design allows the underneath sides more elegance and attached the lugs band that give you similar thought with the conversational watch.

Applying the new technical solution for your necessity that always becomes the important part from the Braun design, the result is not only strike appearance, but also give the users structural benefits that had been added with the water resistance protection. You can buy for the price $493,75. Beside that, you will get the 2 years of warranty

The important features:

  1. Using the sapphire glass for design.
  2. Water resistant until 165 feet or around 50 Meters of underwater.
  3. Had been completed with the Swiss quartz chronograph.

The Pros and Cons.


  • The simple design.
  • Suit for daily use.


  • Look the conventional watch.
  • Less fit for formal wear.

Frederique Constant Men’s FC303S5B6 Index Analog Display Swiss Automatic Black Watch.

This is the watch that primary suit for your daily clothes. The Frederique Constant Men’s FC303S5B6 is had been made in Geneva, Switzerland. This product also has everything that you look for inside the classic watch and very ideal for your daily use, anytime, anywhere. The Frederique Constant Men’s FC303S5B6 is very stylish, smooth ad versatile.

The black comfort with the original leather strap, the wonderful simple design, the warm light silver tone in the dial with the precise movement automatically. These things make this watch becomes the 3 best mens watches under 1000 and must item for your watch collection. The watch from Frederique Constant Men’s FC303S5B6 had been famous with the incredible quality, the professional design and made. The brand has the affinity for the beautiful watch for men’s wear.

The importance features:

  1. Using the combination of stainless steel and leather case for strap.
  2. Have the Swiss automatic movements.
  3. Water resistance until 165 feet’s.

The Pros and Cons.


  • Very simply design.
  • Give the classic looks.


  • The design rather usual.
  • Only able for classic looks.

Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Silvertone and Black World Time A-T Watch.

This watch similar with te Seiko’s dive watch. Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s watch had been made from the stainless steel and been fueled by Japan. The most interesting is water resistance until 600 feet’s, the more features from this unique watch are anti reflective from the sapphire crystal face and the luminous from the orange hands. This is means that you can get the time even though in the dark.

The design is bold and brilliant that makes impressive addition for your any cloths. With the synchronized atom clock with more accuracy, the calendar chronograph has the world timer analog that suit the time around 26 cities. The good response from the reviewers and make this watch becomes 3 best mens watches under 1000.

The important features:

  1. The stainless steel watches with orange contrast that let you seing the watch in the dark.
  2. Using the analog display.
  3. The steel case had been create for anti reflective.

The Pros and Cons.


  • Very ideal for daily use.
  • Modern look.
  • Daily alarm


  • Does not suit for classic look.
  • Does not fit for small wrist.


The different price in your watch can show the differences quality, features, engineering, and mechanism. You may get the expensive watch for the brand prestige or symbol status in your society. But this is also become the relative and depend on their personal income.

Choose the watch that really suit what your need, always considering the durable and the style that you want. The 3 best mens watches under 1000may be can be your alternative references. The best way in wearing you watch is match with your wrist size. Do not get the big one, if you have the small wrist or it will look weird as well.

If you want the watch that give your casual look and fit for your daily life, you can choose the pilot watch for the best choice. In other cases, the dive watch also becomes popular, although for the underwater use. But this is also versatile usage for your daily life as well. So, choose based on your need and taste.

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