5 Best Messenger Bags for Men That You Should Have

A messenger bag is needed by men who want to work. Regarding to the function, messenger bags are functional. It has a bigger shape than a sling bag. This bag has a square or rectangle shape but it is different from sling bag. It has a bigger shape to keep many things. The best messenger bags for men are called as postbag aiming at keeping letter, documents, and the other things. Because it needs to save important document, this is made of water resistant materials. The messenger bags are usually made of canvas materials.

This can be a working bag to help you keep more things. This is like a kind of a carrying bag. You can buy it to get you easy in accommodating it everywhere. It assists you to keep your wallet, documents, hand-phone, files, and the others safely. To store more things, you don’t need to choose backpack anymore because messenger bags can act the function of backpack bags.

The messenger bags look practical and more functional for the heavy and many things. The best messenger bags for men is surely fun and simple to help you bringing and keeping some important things with you in any conditions.

best messenger ags for men ideas

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Messenger Bag

One of the good messenger bags for men is Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Messenger bag. This is a pop quiz messenger bag that is modern and quintessential shoulder bag. This is appropriately worn by men for working and daily activities. This has unique features and specifications including below;

  1. Convenient and comfortable front sleeve
  2. Expandable and great main compartment
  3. Laptop sleeve and also removable shoulder straps

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Messenger BagThis bag is much recommended for the men. It becomes the best seller rank product of messenger bags so that it can be called as the best messenger bag. It is functional due to some features included in which it has more sleeves and pockets. This is made of imported polyester material to make this bag. Though it is great and has some pros, but it has some contrast including only providing one size and one color.

Herschel Supply Co. Clark Messenger Bag

Canadian designer of Herschel Supply Co. always creates incredibly best messenger bags for men. The bags are made exclusively to fulfill the needs of men. Another Herschel Supply Co bag product is Herschel Supply Co. Clark Messenger Bag. This is an ideal option to keep and transport your daily activities including going to work, travel, or school. It has some great features and specifications as follows;

  1. Two interior zipper pockets to keep your daily essentials
  2. Removable straps with adjustable drop
  3. Laptop sleeve pocket to keep your laptop

Herschel Supply Co. Clark Messenger BagIn addition, it has some pros about this best messenger bags for men. Many people give positive opinions about this bag.

  • Made of 100 % polyester and polyester lining
  • Various zippers and sleeves
  • Wide shape

Meanwhile, the contrast and complaints of this messenger bag are still conveyed by the users. It only provides one size and one color making some people unsatisfied.

Timbuk2 Especial Messenger

Timbuk2 Especial Messenger 2014 is a kind of magical messenger bag for men. This has a sophisticated modern design getting adjustable for the youthful soul of men. This is appropriate for daily activities including working, school, and hanging out. This messenger bag has some features and specifications attracting men’s attention as follows;

  1. Magnetic buckle for secure and safe one – handed accessibility feature
  2. Ambidextrous, padded, and removable strap
  3. Custom tension lock making it is easily managed

Timbuk2 Especial Messenger 2014

Though it has some great features, it still appears some pros and contrast. There are some pros about this messenger bag. The pros about this messenger as follow;

  • It offers two sizes of messenger bag, small and medium
  • It has wide shape and width about 15 inch for keeping more goods
  • High volume capacity about 15 liter

Some contras occur that should be identified including only one color offer, and out of stock recently.

Tumi Dalston Clifton Crossbody

Tumi Dalston Clifton Crossbody is a kind of messenger bag. This is designed by inspiration of London’s east end club, and vintage design. This is one of the best messenger bags for men. Dalston collection offers a new style for urban adventure in the city. It has some features and specifications of this messenger bag as follows;

  1. Multi-functional and simple messenger bags with street gear
  2. Pockets for any storage including accessories, phone, table, and wallet
  3. Adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap

Tumi Dalston Clifton CrossbodyThere are some pros regarding to this messenger bag. Most of the men give positive opinions about this bag. This bag is smaller with secure storage to keep your essentials safely. It is made of a great material combination, nylon and polyester. It has various pockets and zippers for any essentials. Meanwhile, the contras appear about one size and one color only.

SealLine Urban Shoulder Bag

SealLine co designer creates incredible messenger bags for men. This messenger bag is very perfect and fantastic for mobilizing and helping your daily activities, travelling, schooling, and working. This is one of best messenger bags for men having several great features including;

  1. Being perfect for all – weather commuter
  2. Having inside pocket and adjustable buckle
  3. Being embedded by light loop for increasing visibility

SealLine Urban Shoulder Bag

Due to those amazing features, this messenger bag has some positive claims and opinions from the users. Most of them give pros about this bag.

  • Having more zippers and pockets to keep more things
  • Offering great features including strap, breathable panel, and zippered pocket
  • Providing available gift – wrap

The contrast also appear from the other people wearing this bag. The contrast include one color and size only. This makes some people getting difficult to select a desirable option.

After you see some pros, contrast, and features of all above best messenger bags for men, what will you say? In conclusion, most of the bags are great and comfortable with its goods and bad. Surely, there will be a much recommended messenger bag for men. Regarding to the specifications, pros, and contrast, it can be said that it has similar contrast.

Recognizing the best specifications and nice pros becomes a way to determine the ultimate choice of messenger bag for men. Especial Messenger 2014 becomes a recommended messenger bag due to some leading features and specifications. It is stylish and cool. It is surely able to keep more essentials with wider capacity.

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