Combine Modern Theme with Antique Grey Kitchen Cabinets

When thinking about antique grey kitchen cabinets, not many people would think about a modern style kitchen, they are not wrong, but it actually could work. Of course, we are talking about wooden antique grey kitchen cabinets here, and how they can be used on modern contemporary kitchen. Here are some grey kitchen cabinet ideas that can be used on modern kitchen.

The color of grey is considered to be monotone and plain, so before you install your light grey kitchen cabinets, the first thing to do is to change the flooring. If you want to go for something that is classier and elegant, marble flooring on a grey cabinet kitchen is the way to go, and be sure to pick a brighter color; white is a good choice. It is also preferable for the wall to be using different color to your gray cabinets kitchen, that way; the room will not be as gloomy.

Because most of antique grey kitchen cabinets are handmade and made from natural material, then you can place it as the center of your kitchen. In order to make everyone’s attention to your antique grey kitchen cabinets, here are some things that you can do. Instead of just plain light gray kitchen cabinets, you can paint it darker grey, it will give your room more intensity. You can also use brick walls in your grey cabinets kitchen.

painting kitchen cabinets gray kitchen cabinets Dark Kitchen Cabinets With Antique Design Antique Grey Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

If you have dark gray kitchen cabinets, then everything else from utensils to furniture should be using a variety of brighter colors. The contrast of color from your grey kitchen cabinets and the other things on the room will change the atmosphere of your kitchen drastically.

There you go these are how you can utilize your old antique grey kitchen cabinets and use it on a modern kitchen.


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