Different Style of Rustic Living Room

You might be wondering why rustic living room is a good idea to take, but there is more of this than meets the eye. It is traditional, sure, but that does not mean that rustic contemporary living room does not exist. If it is done properly, this style can be a lot more atmospheric than you could imagine. The major reasons why people would want the rustic living is because it is romantic and its vintage charms gives warmth to the whole house. Now that we got your interest, here are some rustic living room ideas that you can use for reference.

Now, what kind of rustic living room is perfect for today’s trend? The answer for this question is “anything”. Rustic style is very versatile; it can be feminine or masculine depending on your choice. It can also be modern or more traditional depending on the decorations. You also do not have to worry about the rustic living room paint colors, as most of this style utilizes natural material like stones or wood, and it is preferable to just use that natural color. Natural wooden floor is also one of the better choices to take.

The rustic living room décor is probably the most difficult decision for people to take. Because most of the furniture to get should be hand crafted, which means that they are utterly expensive, so you need to prepare a lot of money just for it. The rustic living room wall décor mostly consisted of wooden decorations or stone depending on your preferred style. For modern rustic living room, you could still use more traditional stuffs; like the burlap for example. And do not forget about the fireplace, no rustic living room is complete without a fireplace. Here are some other rustic decorating ideas for living rooms that you can use.

rustic living room design images

Now, what kinds of furniture are perfect to get for our rustic living room? As said earlier, it is preferable if you choose to get hand crafted furniture that use natural material. Wooden chairs and table are the basic choice, but for the contemporary style, modern cozy sofa can also be used. It does not matter if it’s plain looking or the color is too contrasted.

Modern Rustic Living Room Furniture

In fact, many utilize modern stuffs as their rustic living room furniture because the contrasting differences give unique atmosphere, so do not afraid to put your newly bought expensive television set on your rustic living room.

Speaking about the much modern styled rustic living room, here are some other ideas that you can use. This modern rustic style aim is to merge the aesthetic of the rustic style with modern functionality, what makes the modern rustic living room popular is that you are not obligated to use hand crafted furniture for your room, as the atmosphere is what’s more important.

rustic-cabin-living-room-decorating-ideaSimple Retro Modern Living Room Interior Retro Design Interiorrustic living room with sofas and accent ottoman

But there will be a case where your room does not has that rustic aesthetic, but with minor redesign it can be easily fixed; albeit a little bit expensive. The easiest way is to buy a handmade wooden coffee table and matching sofa sets. Change only your ceiling with something natural like the manila rope, and there you got your modern style rustic living room.


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