Five Recommendations of the First Birthday Gift Ideas

Some first birthday gift ideas which we are going to share here perhaps will give you some inspirations in preparing the right gift for the first birthday of your kid, your niece, your nephew, or anyone. Since the baby is still young in that age, which is 1 year, sometimes people have no idea about what they should give for her or him. Here are some recommendations of the first birthday gift ideas which you can consider to choose.

Some of them are the interesting fun toys which can help the baby to learn walking. They are called as the baby walker. The products which are recommended are the walker by VTech and Walker Wagon by Radio Flyer. They are recommended since in the age of 1 the baby is still learning to walk. Those products can be really helpful yet attractive for the baby. The next recommendations are the products of toys. They are the toy of shape sorter for baby by Melissa&Doug and also squeeze block by Battat.

They are great to choose for the baby to give the good stimulation for encouraging her or his exploration and curiosity. Then, another recommendation is the photo frame for the collage by Prinz. That will be great to be chosen for keeping the memory of the baby development.

K’s Kids Shape Sorter by Melissa&Doug

This shape sorter toy for baby and toddler is one of the great first birthday gift ideas. That is a kind of activity bag with two sides and also nine textured blocks of shapes. This toy will encourage the skills of fine motors, sensory skills, and so on.K’s Kids Shape Sorter by Melissa&Doug

Here are the key features of this toy:

  1. Crumpled flaps which show images of the familiar goods with the matching shape beneath.
  2. Padded bag with 2 sides for the activities
Pros: Cons:
• This toy is baby and toddler friendly with the attractive colourful design • The padded bag is not that deep enough so that the baby or even toddler may be a bit frustrated in inserting the blocks especially for some last pieces.
• Offers the fun activities for baby and toddler to encourage the skills of fine motors and sensory.

Squeeze Blocks by Battat

This is another toy which is recommended as one of the first birthday gift ideas. The blocks are made from quality plastic which is safe for baby and toddler. The pack comes with the reusable recycled plastic bag.Squeeze Blocks by BattatKey features:

  1. Each side of the blacks are hand sculptured. They are embossed with the attractive and educative designs of the numbers, animal, shapes, and others.
  2. The toy helps encouraging the kids or babies’ exploration and also curiosity.
  3. There are ten blocks which are stackable, floatable, chewable, and squeezable.
  4. Made from the plastic which is free from BPA.
Pros: Cons:
• Fun design with the colourful blocks and attractive relief images, and educative embosses. • Since it is a squeeze blocks, the size of the blocks are a bit too big for the baby so that it makes them hard to be grabbed by the younger ones. Still, it actually can also be a good point since it means it has the lower risk of getting choked.
• Has the great role in helping encouraging the exploration and curiosity of the baby.

Learning Walker from Sit to Stand by VTech

Another product as one of the first birthday gift ideas is this standing walker which can also be the fun toy for the baby. This can also be the toy to help the baby learning to stand and walk properly. This toy is recommended for baby and toddler from 9-36 months.Learning Walker from Sit to Stand by VTech

Key features:

  1. Standing baby walker with the interactive features as like the play panels which are removable including the piano with the music, spinning roller, light up buttons, shape sorter, and play telephone set.
  2. There are more than 70 fun baby songs, fun phrases, and sound effect.
Pros: Cons:
• Offers the great yet fun sound which is not too loud and suitable for the baby to have fun. • The removable panels including the play phone set are not that big so that they have the risk to get lost somewhere.
• The colourful design and innovation for improving the baby’s fine motor skills.

Baby Walker Wagon by Radio Flyer

Another baby product which is great as one of the first birthday gift ideas is this walker wagon toy. This is the push wagon that can attract the baby or toddler to learn standing and walking in a fun way.Baby Walker Wagon by Radio Flyer

The Key Features:

  1. The walker is made from the solid wood for the body with the removable sides.
  2. Offers the good safety as the baby and toddler walker since it features the molded tires which are completed with front bumper and grip tread.
  3. The attractive yet timeless design in which the baby can also bring the toys in the wagon.
Pros: Cons:
• Offers the attractive design which is timeless so that the baby or toddler can also carry their stuff or toys inside the wagon while learning to walk. • The colour range is not varied since it can be much more colourful for the more attractive design for the baby and kid.
• The controlled roll and push resistant wheels are great for the safety.

Photo Frame for the First Year Collage by Prinz

This photo frame is another recommendation as the first birthday gift ideas. This offers a frame with the unique design to show 13 photos in wallet size. The design will show the photo of the baby starts from newborn, one month, till 12 months.Photo Frame for the First Year Collage by Prinz

Key features:

  1. This photo frame is made from the quality glass and plastic with the size of about 15.5×12.5 inches.
  2. The frame can hold 13 photos in wallet size. Each photo is about 2×2 and 3×3.
  3. The wall hanger to mount it on the wall is also included in the package.
Pros: Cons:
• The photo frame has the attractive colourful design • The sizes of the photos to be placed on the frame require the non standard size, perhaps you need to cut the photos a little bit to make it fix properly to each of the frame.
• The quality yet durable material of plastic and glass.

Conclusionbest first birthday gift ideas

They are actually the great product to be chosen as one of the first birthday gift ideas. However, if you do not know well about the baby who will receive the gift, perhaps it is better to choose the photo frame by Prinz since it is much more general.

Other common ideas are shape sorter by Melissa&Doug and squeeze blocks by Battat. However, if you already know about the baby and you are truly sure that he or she is still learning to walk, the baby walker products will be the great ones and I personally prefer the VTech because of its fun colourful designs with the more features as one of the great choices among those first birthday gift ideas.

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