Green Living Room to Prove that Green is the Prettiest Color

Living room is one of the essential rooms in the house where many family members and guests spend their time. Homeowners usually think really seriously about the design, furniture, theme, design and especially the color of the paint. In today’s article we will share the prettiest color you should apply to your living room. Green living room will make it as the center of attention. There is something about green living room that can make it as one of the coziest rooms in the house. Applying green color to your living room will match really well along with green living room curtains and green living room walls.

Green curtains for your living room can be a sweet touch to beautify overall design and decoration. Meanwhile the green walls can be the essential part to make your living room more alive. According to physiology of color, green is considered as the most restful one for our eyes. Green can be applied to any rooms in the house especially to a living room. It can cool things down and encourage togetherness between family members. It also promotes comfort and green living room photo

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Green Living Room Walls

Green is such a calming effect especially for wall decorating. Green living room walls can relieve your stress and help your family members and guests feel relaxed. From Kiwi to Kelly, decorating your living room with green has never been easier with our decorating ideas that are including:

  • Victorian living room
    This living room idea is inspired in San Francisco with green walls. It also exposes green energy combines with white color and furniture.
  • A contemporary living room
    This inspiration is remodel in New York as a contemporary living room with beautiful and fresh green walls. If the color is too dark, you can compare with other lighter green.
  • A bold living room
    The design was remodel in The Woodlands, Texas. It can represent bold green living room with fresh green walls and functional living space.

Green Living Room Curtains

The other decoration that suits well with your green living room is curtains. Green curtains will lighten your living room brightly. It can be mixed and matched with other furniture too.

  • You can combine your green curtains with a touch of industrial appeal and green banquettes
  • Green rustic living room can give camp lodge look and vibe with green curtains
  • Green living room will match with green cushions covered with vintage wrought-iron seating and green curtains.

green living room curtains

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