Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Traditional Style

Today, there are many who are looking for light grey kitchen cabinets because it’s a color that is perfect for those contemporary styled kitchen. But do you know that you can actually use gray kitchen cabinets for something that is more traditional? Here is some of the most unique and popular kitchen design utilizing light gray cabinets.

The light grey kitchen cabinets are very versatile, you can use it in many styles of kitchens, and they can be combined with a variety of color. Pair the gray cabinets in kitchen with bright colored flooring or ceiling, and the different tone will make your kitchen a lot more inviting and warm. If you have an expensive grey cabinets kitchen made from exquisite material such as marble or unique wood, then it is best to use similar colored decoration, so that the different tone of the light grey kitchen cabinets and the other won’t be too distracting.

While people use the light grey kitchen cabinets for many contemporary style kitchens, it can also be used in a more traditional one. Grey wood cabinets are the most common one used for this type of kitchen, but if you cannot find one, combine your contemporary grey kitchen cabinets with wooden chairs and tables; and pick the natural colored one. As for the flooring, go with traditional wooden floor with brighter color.

Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets Ideas Images nice light grey kitchen cabinets light grey kitchen cabinets pictures

You can make your kitchen looks more elegant as well; albeit it’s easier to achieve using dark grey kitchen cabinets, here is some grey kitchen cabinet ideas for a glamorous gray kitchen. It is best using marble appliances and soft colored cabinets to give more elegance, and use wooden floor. The contrast between the marble top and wooden floor makes a huge difference.

There you go, those are all the most common and popular type of kitchen using the light grey kitchen cabinets.


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