Minimalist Living Room that You will Adore

How can you say no with minimalist theme for your living room? Minimalist living room is one of popular themes that many people love. This kind of theme concerns and focuses on the function of the living room itself without leaving the aesthetic of the decoration and furniture. Many people love minimalist living room because it can make the room cleaner and comfortable. Aside from that, cleaner living room will make homeowners feel stress free and cluster free. Many homeowners will tend to use minimalist living room lightning. And some of homeowners sometimes do not choose white for paint color but minimalist living room black.

Minimalist living room lightning can also bring the room cleaner and comfortable. You don’t need to put complicated design of lightning in order to match with this kind of theme. Even though white is mostly the main pallet for minimalist theme, black color is surprisingly able to bring the theme bolder and more alive. It can show the homeowner’s touch into it. For the decorations and furniture, the key for minimalist theme is the simpler, the minimalist living room pictures

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Minimalist living room lightning

In here, you will find out several ideas for minimalist living room lightning combine with other furniture, theme, color, design and decoration. They are including:

  • Lightning for small living room
    Small and minimalist living room is best to be painted with white color. It will make the appearance of it lighter. Good choice of furniture will make it look better. Minimalist lighting can be the simple and unique centerpiece and add the splendor of your living room
  • Lighting for home studio
    You can use stained-glass to give dramatic effect for your home studio living room. The simple lightning can give more life to it especially if you combine with natural textile
  • Lightning for simple living room
    You can use high lightning with simple design to make your living room well lighted. Beautify it with enough decorations that suits perfectly with the design.

best minimalist living room lighting ideas

Minimalist living room black

Black can also be the primary color for the minimalist theme for your living room. These following ideas may help you:

  • Pay attention to your black chairs or sofas arrangement to make your living room fabulously inspiring.
  • Put different color for the cushions like orange color to make your black living room more alive and contrast.
  • Beautify your minimalist living room black with over-sized candles
  • Black or silver table legs will make your living room much cozier.

minimalist living room black ideas

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