Simple Yet Affordable DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas

Putting your front or back yard to a good use by adding a patio and an outdoor bar sure makes your and your loved ones’ outdoor lives much more exciting. At the end of your long, and stressful day at work, you may relax with your friends and family while enjoying the view and fresh air instead of being confined in your living room’s walls, doing nothing other than watching TV on the couch. Not only that, another advantage of having a great outdoor bar is, obviously, how easy and effortless it is for you when it comes to entertaining your guests. Take one of our outdoor bar ideas below, and let’s get to work!

Not only are we going to give you a few great outdoor bar ideas along with the detailed instructions, in this article we are also going to provide you with both modern outdoor bar ideas as well as rustic outdoor bar ideas so whatever your taste in design is, you may choose one that fits your liking. Should you wish for a permanent outdoor bar, you may simply gather what you need in order to make it happen. Wish for something more affordable? You can consider our do-it-yourself ideas.outdoor bar top ideas outdoor bar ideas for outdoor decor

Ideas for a simple, and modern outdoor bar

Those with modern and minimalist house often dismiss the idea of outdoor bar ideas thinking having an outdoor bar will completely ruin the theme of their house – that cannot be further from the truth. Outdoor bar doesn’t have to be in the form of a tiki bar! There are a wealth of modern outdoor bar ideas, one of it is by making a bar that resembles a coffee bar – with dark table made of stones and shiny countertop, and stools lined up before the table. You may also place your grill at the end of the countertop for when you wish to host a barbeque party.

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Easy do-it-yourself outdoor bar ideas

Creatives may search for a DIY project and what could be more fun other than building your bar with one of our rustic outdoor bar ideas? You may start with your own DIY shelves – if you have an old and unused door, don’t throw it a way. With the addition of vintage looking spindles and shelves, you may transform it into a charming outdoor bar. No old door but own an unused wooden ladder? Take it to your patio, line up your stools or benches around it and simply lay a few boards across each of the rungs of your laded to create your own shelves, place your bottles and drinks there and voila. Aren’t those easy outdoor bar ideas?

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Photos Gallery Outdoor Bar Ideas:

outdoor bar top ideas outdoor bar ideas for outdoor decor unique outdoor bar ideas


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