Top Five Ideas of the Professional Dog Clippers

Finding the right professional dog clippers will be something tricky since any of people want to get the best choice ones. That is the reason why it is really essential for people to find some recommendations first before making a right decision regarding to the right choice of the product of dog clippers.

The professional dog clippers may be something you really need to have no matter what your goal is, whether you have a professional pet shop or pet care, or even if you are a dog or pet lovers who take care of some dogs at home. You need to get the helpful tool for grooming your dog effectively and efficiently. Here we are going to share some ideas of the products of professional dog clippers that may give you some references. There are a lot of products there and you may need to be selective in choosing them based on your need. You also need to consider whether you need the corded or cordless ones, the features, and so on.

In general, we have some products as the recommendations for you that will be great as the options. They are the detachable Plus – Pet Clipper by Andis, AGRV – PowerGroom + Pet Clipper by Andis, Professional Pet Kennel Pro Home Grooming Kit by Wahl, ProClip Blade Clipper by Andis, and EasyClip Clipper Kit with Detachable Blade by Andis. They have the professional features which are great to be considered.

Detachable Plus with Two Speeds Pet Clipper by Andis

This Andis professional clipper becomes one of the ideas for the professional dog clippers you can list. It offers powerful performance with its two speed feature. That will also support the heavy duty tool for fulfilling the professional needs.Detachable Plus with Two Speeds Pet Clipper by Andis

Key Features:

  1. Providing the handy yet cool design with the quiet operations.
  2. The powerful motor with 2 speeds for the heavy duty tasks as like what a pro need.
  3. The body which is designed to be shatterproof which mean it offers the great durability.
Pros: Cons:
• Durable material and construction with the powerful motor which is able to cut properly the fur which is really thick. • There is no carry pouch included in the package so that the users need to find the additional pouch to store or even to bring it anywhere.
• It offers the cord which is long enough. It enables the user to get simplicity to move anywhere with no hassle anymore.

PowerGroom+ AGRV Clipper by Andis

Another reference of the professional dog clippers is this Andis PowerGroom +. This product offers the power which is really ultimate. That is also designed for the satisfying control and versatility. The internal parts of this pro clipper are made and designed to be not greasing for its durability as well.PowerGroom+ AGRV Clipper by Andis

Key Features:

  1. The powerful single speed professional clipper which is suitable for the small to the medium size breeds.
  2. This professional dog clippers will work well with any CeramicEdge blades and even UltraEdge blades which are also sold separately.
  3. In the package, this pet clipper included the clipper oil, ceramicEdge blade in size 10, power cord with the length of 12 feet, additional blade drive, and cord pack.
Pros: Cons:
• Work well in the faster and powerful way in such the easy operations for anyone. • It is a bit uncomfortable when it is on duty because of its a bit higher temperature.
• Offers the great design of the clipper with its smaller and lighter body.

Professional Kennel Pro Grooming Kit by Wahl

The next reference of the professional dog clippers is the Kennel Pro clipper by Wahl. The product offers the great power for the great performance the blade can be adjusted to some different size of 10, 15, or 30. It offers the more efficient performance of cutting. This product comes with the 5 year warranty.Professional Kennel Pro Grooming Kit by Wahl

Key Features:

  1. Corded pet clipper with the powerful motor with the direct drive rotaries and extra torque.
  2. This pet clipper product is resistant to the chemical and impact.
  3. Power cord in 16 feet with the heavy duty design
Pros: Cons:
• In addition to its great performance, it provides the comfort while grooming the dogs with this clipper since it offers the balanced design with the extra torque which lowering the risk of the wrist fatigue. • The motor runs well but it is a bit noisy.
• The pet clipper also offers the stable low temperature which means you will get the comfort even with the heavy duty of pet grooming.

2 Speed ProClip Clipper with Detachable Blade By Andis

This is another idea for the right choice of professional dog clippers. This professional dog clipper by Andis offers the design which is suitable for any breeds and coats besides its great performance of the motor. The body design is also durable with its shatter proof material and construction even for the heavy duty performance.2 Speed ProClip Clipper with Detachable Blade By Andis

  1. Key Features:
    Professional performance with the powerful rotary motor in two speeds.
  2. The great design with the detachable blade with the simplicity in cleaning and changing.
  3. The clipper is completed with the long enough 14’ cord.
Pros: Cons:
• That offers the powerful motor of the pet clipper with no disturbing noise in the durable body. • Heavy duty motor with a bit higher temperature in which some users may feel a bit uncomfortable.
• Simplicity in changing and cleaning its blade

EasyClip Groom Clipper Kit with Detachable Blade by Andis

This pet clipper by Andis becomes the next idea of professional dog clippers. This is the powerful grooming clipper which has the durable body. This clipper product offers the great power even for grooming the pet especially the dog that has the heavy or thick coats. This is a professional dog clippers with the detachable blade.EasyClip Groom Clipper Kit with Detachable Blade by Andis

Key features:

  1. Shatterproof body with the 12’ cord with the heavy duty performance.
  2. The dog clipper with detachable blades.
  3. Dog grooming kit with the high power of rotary motors.
Pros: Cons:
• The dog clipper product offers the great power which can groom the dog with the totally thick coats. • The temperature is getting increased after more than 5 minutes of use. It may result the discomfort.
• The dog clipper is easy to operate with the detachable blade which is easy to change and clean.

Conclusionbest professional dog clippers

In conclusion, the products of professional clippers for dogs above are totally the good ones. Each of them has some good points and the bad points which have been shown above. Of course, each of us has our own preferences by considering those points of the features, pros, and cons. You also need to consider your budget and your need and condition as well.

However, we also have our personal preference in which we choose the first one which is the Detachable Plus Clipper for Pet by Andis. That is because of its great performance and its comfort with the no disturbing noise and no discomfort of the high temperature body and motor. However, actually it is back again to your own preference for choosing the right professional dog clippers.


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