Round Bed Frame: Unpractical or Fashionable?

There are a few controversies in this world; whether pineapples belong to pizzas or not, is it acceptable to eat cupcakes as is without twisting the bottom off and tacking it on top of the frosting first? In the interior design world, however, the controversy does not involve pineapples nor does it involve twisting off and tacking – rather it involves one of the our favorite furniture: the bed. So what about it? I am sure some of you ask the same question, and to answer that, we raise you one phenomenon: round bed frame.

That’s right, it may be simple but some have strong opinions on this matter. One of the most heard opinion on this type of frame is how unpractical it is. Round bed frame may seem quite unorthodox as we are so used to seeing a rectangular bed – while we dare say that rectangular beds run the bedroom world as it is the only bed frame we can always find wherever we go, from our colleague’s bedrooms to hotel rooms all around the world. But just because rectangular beds are everywhere and can be found anywhere, it doesn’t mean it’s the only available bed frames on the face of the planet.

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Pros: round bed is uniquely stylish

Round bed frame or round platform bed is a lot like its rectangular counterpart in terms of height and use. Although similar in nature, having around bed frame in your room undeniably will change the look of your overall interior design. It’s actually quite surprising to see how distinctive the end result is especially with such minimal change.

No one can deny how attractive this bed looks. Some round bed frame comes with a round mattress as well, but some we can find in the market still comes with a rectangular mattress – this provides you with extra space for your phone, eyeglasses or book before you start snoozing.

Cons: but aren’t they unpractical?

To some people, the idea of having a round bed frame is simply unacceptable. Some of them cite the shape of the bed will end up taking up so much space in your bedroom because you cannot arrange your other furniture as easily as you can with a rectangular bed – the result of its lack of edges.

If your bedroom is large, this may not be a problem as you can put the round bed frame in the center of your room or wherever you want it without having to worry about other furniture, but the same cannot be said for those with limited space so extra caution is needed.

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