Fabulously Amazing Small Pool Ideas

Having swimming pool in the house is almost everyone’s dream. It may cost much more expensive but it is worth the view and the comfy. Small pool ideas can inspire you to choose which type and design of pool that suits with the available space in your house. Planning to install a swimming pool in your house also need detail cost so you will not spend more money than your budget you’ve prepared.

Many homeowners sometimes opt small above ground pool ideas since it will cost less expensive and save more spaces. Above ground pool also requires quick installation so it saves the mess and digging in your backyard. It is also reliable with the striking look and overall impression for your patio area.

Choosing cool small pool ideas is the difficult part since there are many designs to choose from. You need to think the design and all elements that can turn into a perfect swimming pool in the house. Hire a professional contractor or builder to make your dream small pool ideas come true.

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Small above Ground Pool Ideas

If you want to have a small above ground pool, you need to consider several criteria first. They are the durability, size, slip resistance, design options, deck railings designs, heat, the maintenance, deck shade ideas and the most important one is the cost. These different materials maybe can inspire you to build the deck:

  • Brick : It is one of the popular option for your small pool ideas because its durability and the great visual appeal. You better use smooth bricks because they are more comfortable to walk on barefoot.
  • Wood : This is the best of natural material and match perfectly with modern swimming pool design. It has spectacular appearance. It is not slippery and it isn’t as hot as stone, so you will be comfortable to walk on that during the day.
  • Natural stones : There are many colors of the stones you can choose. But remember to avoid dark colors because they can absorb heat.

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Cool Small Pool Ideas

Small yet cool pool will attract your family members to swim more. These following ideas will help you choose the best small pool ideas:

  • Small pool ideas don’t mean less fun. Choose cast concrete plunge pool in your backyard.
  • Choose a lap pool that can run across your small backyard. It can leave space for your patio for entertaining
  • Build a pool right up to the side of your house which can be installed in your side yard.

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