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CORDÚA RESTAURANTS LAUNCHES NEW MENU AT AMÉRICAS PAELLAS, TRES LECHES EXPRESSIONS, “ACTUAL LUNCH” HIGHLIGHT CHANGES HOUSTON – Cordúa Restaurants is launching a new menu at Américas in River Oaks and The Woodlands. It’s the most significant menu change since father-and-son Chefs Michael and David Cordúa opened their flagship River Oaks restaurant at 2040 W. Gray in 2010. The new menu zeroes in on the existing strengths of Américas – shareable… Read more →

Debilitating Drinkables: Signature Cocktails at Américas Happy Hour

Hello again, readers of The Monster Lifestyle. The Food Monsters were gracious enough to take me under their wing-like appendages on a happy hour outing to Américas River Oaks for some of the most elaborate bar fare I’ve ever seen, as well as some of their signature cocktails – I’ll leave the food reviews to the gourmands. My Monster chauffeur… Read more →

Americas River Oaks

Eating delicious food is always an occasion worth remembering, at least for us it is. Whether catching up with friends or celebrating a special event, the food shared amongst you and your friends/family adds to making it special. The aim of Cordua Restaurants’ Churrascos, Amazon Grille, Artista, and America’s is to create a fusion between the flavors and food of Latin… Read more →