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Frank’s Grill

Tweet My Sunday mornings are always filled with delicious thoughts of fresh waffles, lots of bacon and other tasty breakfast items. Years of childhood conditioning, I suppose. I remember waking up late on Sundays to my mother making a glorious breakfast spread filled with¬†omelets, French toast and sausage links. Last Sunday, I woke up with this craving, as usual. Calling… Read more →

Any Bacon Lovers Here?

Tweet New Years Eve ‘10 was the quietest I’ve had in forever. I spent it mostly by myself excluding the company of some video chats over Skype. I watch The Losers and I COOKED. Big accomplishment. It’s one of my resolutions. Cook more, better, bigger. And that’s what I did.¬† I made something called a Potato Bacon Cheddar Tart. And… Read more →