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Voodoo Queen

Tweet I may only be 24 but I have the social life of a 60 year old lady. Well, I know multiple older women who are far more social than I so basically, I’m just a homebody. When I go out and experience the nightlife scene, I really just want to have a great drink and good conversation. I don’t… Read more →


Drink Like a Fish: Bonefish Grill

Tweet The Monstrous Ones were gracious enough to extend a last-minute invitation to me last week. “Oh boy!” I thought, “they’re actually going to take me in public!” When I heard the destination, I was sold: Bonefish Grill in Webster, but a mile and a half down Bay Area Boulevard from my ancestral abode (est. 2000), where I had an… Read more →

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Get Pumped! Pumpkin Ales Are Here!

Tweet Hello again, readers of The Monster Lifestyle. It’s been far too long since I’ve written for your reading pleasure, and I’ll admit it is entirely my fault; I’ve been so busy with school and becoming unnecessarily lean that I haven’t been drinking! That’s no way for the Food Monster’s own dedicated alcohol correspondent to act, so I decided to… Read more →

Summer has begun

Tweet Yesterday was the first day of summer! Can you believe it? I really enjoy summer time for so many different reasons… Traveling, refreshing summer drinks, relaxing with friends, and hanging out on my favorite restaurant patios. While I was traveling in Singapore and Malaysia, I became absolutely addicted to drinking lime juice! It was the perfect refreshing drink for… Read more →

Debilitating Drinkables: Signature Cocktails at Américas Happy Hour

Tweet Hello again, readers of The Monster Lifestyle. The Food Monsters were gracious enough to take me under their wing-like appendages on a happy hour outing to Américas River Oaks for some of the most elaborate bar fare I’ve ever seen, as well as some of their signature cocktails – I’ll leave the food reviews to the gourmands. My Monster… Read more →

Debilitating Drinkable’s…A new addition to The Monster Lifestyle

Tweet Cold Infusion: The Hottest Bottles on the Shelf, and How to Make Your Own             Hello, readers of The Monster Lifestyle. I’ll be your dedicated liquor man from now on, bringing you the good news about potent potables from trendy restaurants and dive bars around town as well as concoctions for your consideration at home. May we all spend… Read more →