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Shrimp Egg Rolls

Tweet I feel like every time I post, I’m posting about something I’ve made. Anyway, I made egg rolls last weekend for a family dinner party. We usually serve up a full course of Indian style meals but I wanted to make egg rolls. Because I wanted to. That’s why. I used my mom’s old recipe from 1993. I remember… Read more →

Any Bacon Lovers Here?

Tweet New Years Eve ‘10 was the quietest I’ve had in forever. I spent it mostly by myself excluding the company of some video chats over Skype. I watch The Losers and I COOKED. Big accomplishment. It’s one of my resolutions. Cook more, better, bigger. And that’s what I did.  I made something called a Potato Bacon Cheddar Tart. And… Read more →

My Love of Whole Foods

Tweet  I know many people will view this post and think “wow, this guy is really random!.” I agree with you; I am a very random person. BUT [very strong but], there come’s those times when you just have to share something with someone…anyone…everyone… and I have to let EVERYONE know how much I Love Whole Foods. I first became… Read more →