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National Fried Chicken Day

BRC GASTROPUB & LIBERTY KITCHEN CELEBRATE NATIONAL FRIED CHICKEN DAY It’s National Fried Chicken Day on Saturday, July 6th, both Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar and BRC Gastopub know all about fried chicken. Liberty Kitchen serves Dixie fried chicken every Wednesday and BRC Gastropub every Thursday. It’s a three-day process: butchered it in house, brined with special spices, dipped in… Read more →


Interview with Michelin-Star Chef Xavier Mathieu

You’ve probably often heard us say that food has a special way of connecting people and bringing people together. This statement is the epitome of the event that Hotel Granduca hosted recently. If you recall, Hotel Granduca hosted award winning French Chef Xavier Mathieu as he created exceptional dinners in collaboration with Chef Renato de Pirro of Restaurant Cavour.  We… Read more →

Mallzee-Making Shopping Social

Have you ever been online shopping and wished that you could have all of your favorite brands in one spot? If you have, Mallzee may be your answer! Mallzee is a site (soon to launch) that makes shopping both social and convenient. The concept behind Mallzee is actually quite simple. By selecting your favorite brands and stores, Mallzee will find… Read more →


Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill recently opened in Webster, TX and we were very excited to be invited out for a tasting. Bonefish Grill started in 2000 and places a strong emphasis on providing fresh product. Each restaurant partner carefully receives and inspects fish daily to ensure that their customers are receiving the best quality ingredients. Dom was familiar with Bonefish from living… Read more →