Tips In Creating Rustic Industrial Living Room

Having a rustic industrial living room can make your living room more special. It’s like having a cyberpunk styled room but with more traditional decoration and furniture. The contrasting natures of these two different styles are what make the rustic industrial living room unique. But, are there any basic things to consider before you go and turn your living room into one? Well, here you will find the best industrial rustic living room ideas.

The first thing to consider about rustic industrial living room is your budget, because you will need to buy all of the industrial décor, as they are all not general item and can only be found in specialty store. Please note that modern industrial décor and rustic ones are different, in rustic industrial living room we seek furniture and décor that looks antiquated and old, and preferably that that rustic living room furniture are hand crafted.

Also, you need to look at your walls, floor and ceiling, if you do not have rustic style room initially, you can install wooden tile panels for those three things. The most basic way to get the industrial rustic atmosphere is to get the traditional living room then you put industrial rustic designs and decorations on it.

Because we are going to go with industrial style, instead of getting industrial rustic decor made using natural material, we go for things that are made from metal. An antique metal table is one of the most important furniture to get first, then old metal chairs or sofa. Of course, your rustic living room needs lightning, and nothing is better for that role than 1900s style metal lamp.

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Those are all the basic things that you need to have in a rustic industrial living room, of course you can also add more decorations, but make sure that everything is made from either wood material or metal.


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