Unique Bottle Openers to Use Anytime You Want

Some people like to prepare soda or water in bottle to support their party or gathering. It seems that soda or water in the bottle is simple and easy to get. If you have the same idea, you also need to prepare the bottle opener. How about if you buy unique bottle openers to rouse the party? Just choose one of the unique bottle openers below and open more bottles in the party.

The uniqueness of the bottle opener can be seen on the design. There is also significant development in the color of the bottle opener and it is colorful than before. Even, some of them have multi-function and it can be used more than just to open a bottle. The most important thing is that the design doesn’t disturb the function of that bottle opener. It is interesting if you have unique bottle openers for collection.

The price is also affordable and probably the entire family or friends will love it. They are not only designed for fun but also used for its real function. Because of that, the material is also strong enough so it doesn’t easily damage. Just check the detail below and choose the most unique bottle opener based on your opinion.

unique bottle openers

Kikkerland Luchador Bottle Opener

Adding wrestler character on the bottle opener is a brilliant idea. When you try to open the bottle, it seems that the wrestler help you to do it. Interestingly, Kikkerland Luchador bottle opener is offered in three different colors. It is not only different in color but also in different position. This bottle opener is strong enough to open the bottle cap because of its stainless steel material. In short, Kikkerland Luchador bottle opener is also collectible item.

The uniqueness of Kikkerland Luchador bottle opener

  1. The wrestler design is eye catching and great for casual party or gathering
  2. Stainless steel and rubber make this bottle opener durable and long lasting

Kikkerland Luchador Bottle Opener ideas

The pros and cons of Kikkerland Luchador bottle opener

Pros: Cons:
• It offers new opening bottle experience • It doesn’t fit for all size of bottle cap
• Novelty design and perfect for gift

Rush-3 Bottle Opener

Unique is not only about the design but also about the effective function. Rush 3 is the best option if you want to find a bottle opener which can open the cap effectively with only one hand. It seems that the Studio Kebo think it precisely. Rush 3 is the way to open a bottle cap with less effort. Just put the bottle opener based on the instruction and choose one of two methods to open the cap.

The interesting parts of using Rush-3 bottle opener

  1. It offers 2 unique methods to open the bottle cap
  2. The design is perfect to open the bottle cap effortless

Rush-3 Bottle Opener

The comments from the Rush 3 users

Pros: Cons:
• It offers solution for hard effort bottle cap opening • It seems that Studio Kebo need to consider using stronger material
• The magnet helps a lot for the effortless bottle cap opening

Comb Bottle Opener

This is also one of unique bottle openers. The design is extraordinary. From single function which is as a bottle opener, the designer makes it has two functions. Just like the name of the product, this bottle opener can also be used to comb your hair. Because of the design, you can bring it easily including in your pocket so you can comb your hair before opening the bottle cap.

The best part of comb bottle opener

  1. It is made of stainless steel so it is durable and rigid for daily usage
  2. The color is bright enough and looks like an ordinary comb

Comb Bottle Opener

The pros and cons of comb bottle opener

Pros: Cons:
• A unique combination between a comb and a bottle opener • It seems that the material is not too strong enough
• It can be used for a special gift

50-Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

This is also considered as one of unique bottle openers to buy. The design looks elegant and luxurious. Just imagine you are not only seeing a bottle opener which looks like a bullet but also a luxury box for the bullet. The detail is fantastic and precisely just like the real US military bullet. The polish brass makes this bottle opener looks like a bullet which is modified as a bottle opener.

The revolutionary things about 50-caliber bullet bottle opener

  1. The metal jacket makes this product looks like a real bullet
  2. The full design along with the box makes it perfect for special gift

50-Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener _1

The pros and cons of 50-caliber bullet bottle opener

Pros: Cons:
• It is a durable bottle opener • It seems that the design doesn’t grip the bottle cap perfectly
• cool looking and eye catching bottle opener

Brewzkey Bottle Opener

It is great to bring your bottle opener anywhere so it can be used it anytime you want. Because of that you should take Brewzkey bottle opener. It is included on the list of unique bottle openers. The key design is perfect for a key chain. Of course, it is not an ordinary key chain because you can open your favorite drink anytime you want. Some people know this model and it is a common thing because Brewzkey bottle opener is the remodel of 2013 model.

The additional reasons to buy Brewzkey bottle opener

  1. The high stainless steel material makes the bottle opener durable
  2. Laser engraved process and it makes the surface smooth and safe

Brewzkey Bottle Opener

The pros and cons after using Brewzkey bottle opener

Pros: Cons:
• The design is handy • It is a little bit to use to open the bottle cap
• Compact, affordable, and indestructible for the cap

Those unique bottle openers are great option and all of them are worth to use and for special gift. If I only have one chance to choose, I think I go with the Kikkerland Luchador bottle opener. The design is funny and it is great to see it while opening the bottle cap.

The wrestler character looks perfect with the bottle opener due to the power of the wrestler to open the bottle cap. Moreover, I think also want to keep this type of bottle opener for a long period of time. Do you have the same option just like me?


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